Industria4.0 y Web3.0

"Digital Twins", asset management platform

Innovative business management models with centralized and decentralized blockchain, (StableCoins) for assets that do exist and that you can view in real time with augmented reality and in your own metaverse

Blockchain Tokenización


Real forest assets, private blockchain ledger platform for investment in timber and non-timber forest resources


Renewable biomass and energy, smart contract to intelligently encourage renewable energy

Cannabis Industry

Sophistication of the Cannabis production chain in Latin America, monitoring and traceability with Digital Twins

Digital Assets Forests

Virtual reality, augmented reality and the blockchain to modernize the industry.

Digital Twins Forests

  • Calculate the value of a forest
  • Manage assets
  • Lead forest planning
  • The timber trade and planning and modeling functions related to timber, purchasing, harvesting and transportation.
    Decentralized, on the blockchain
  • Biomass management – sustainable energy
  • Simulations of silvicultural treatments or different climate change scenarios

Cannabis Management

Virtual reality, augmented reality and the blockchain to modernize the industry.

Digital twins for cannabis management

End-to-end tracking solution for the cannabis industry

NFTCOGNITIVE is a robust cannabis management software platform that helps licensed growers increase traceability, reduce operating costs, comply with regulations, and improve overall product quality management. NFTCOGNITIVE is now the operational backbone for cannabis growers around the world!

Licensed Producers E Environmental Integration
Bring all your data together under one roof. NFTCOGNITIVE integrates with your environmental sensors and controls to create a comprehensive platform for data analysis.

Real-time inventory forecast
NFTCOGNITIVE tracks your inventory down to the individual gram. With such accurate analysis, NFTCOGNITIVE is able to forecast future performance, comparing it to historical performance data.

Optimize performance with machine learning
Our machine learning functionality consolidates your production data and provides actionable insights on how to improve quality and quantity. The more you use the platform, the more data our algorithms have to generate insights.

Fully compliant with Cannabis Law
Our platform complies with the Canadian Cannabis Act and previous Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes regulations. You will receive a detailed breakdown of how well the platform performs.

Optimize your crop by strain

Integration of environmental sensors

NFTCognitive is a complete platform. This includes hardware integration to help optimize your growing process. The sensors of your facilities are fully integrated into our platform.

Improve power and performance

Our platform consumes data from your growing activities and environmental sensors to generate suggestions for optimal growing conditions.

Ensure product quality and consistency

Take advantage of the insights generated by our platform to ensure that your product remains true to the highest standards of quality and consistency that your customers expect.

All information about production costs

Monitoring and operating costs of the project

You are running a business, not just a compliance exercise! Assign resource and supply costs to automatically generate a holistic picture of how much it costs to run your facility.


Create reports and charts effortlessly

Keep your finger on the pulse of production with smart default reports that update automatically as you use the platform.


Improve crop yields with machine learning

We work with you to identify optimal production results based on cultivation and environmental activities. The more you use the platform, the more data our algorithms have to generate insights.

Avoid manual errors

Combination of hardware and software

Prepare your team

Your operations team is busy. Empower them to perform their activities quickly and efficiently with our integrated mobile computers. Staff can scan batches, log cultivation activities, view history, pick orders, send labels to print, and more. Automated registration and activity tracking means you won’t have to trade off between being productive and staying compliant.

Integrate it into your facilities

Other software forces you to rely on 3rd party systems that do not integrate with your growing activities. NFTCognitive’s seed-for-sale software automatically shows you facility environment readings right where you work. Alerts are customized based on ideal operating set points. Not sure what is optimal? Our professional services team will give you peace of mind.

Speed ​​up your processes

Maximize operational efficiency with one-click label printing from your mobile device. Compliant labeling can be tricky. In a highly regulated industry, how do you ensure the right tradeoff between compliance and product differentiation? NFTCognitive’s seed-to-sale solution allows you to create custom templates, highlighting important features.