The Cognitive NFTs

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Stripe-Quality NFT APIs which Enable You to Focus on Your Product and Ship in Hours

Blockchain stack is 


Grasping Solidity, Web3.js, GraphQL, nodes, IPFS, etc. is hard, time-consuming and usually needs a team to cover all of the skills.

NFT infra is hard to manage & expensive

Teams waste 25-50% of engineering resources managing nodes, developing indexers, etc. as they try to reinvent the wheel.

Slow go-to-market is the biggest risk

Using heavily rate-limited, slow and incomplete APIs slow you down in an extremely competitive market, leading to losing users and revenue.

Developing Blockchain and NFT Applications is Hard, Time-Consuming and Expensive

Bring NFT data to your product effortlessly – tokens, metadata, assets, ownership info, etc.

  • Live indexing to get the latest NFT data from on-chain
  • Cached NFT assets for better user experience in your products
  • On-chain transactional/order data

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